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Cameron Hooper

Licensee Salesperson


Cameron Hooper shows that age is no barrier when it comes to the sale of Real Estate.  

Through his previous business ventures, Cameron has developed a sharp knowledge of consumer psychology and negotiation skills, all supported by simple, yet concise planning and communication. Cameron supports this with genuine connections he develops with a wide range of people throughout his home district of Franklin.

“I enjoy creating positive change in and out of the office. When it comes to clients, colleagues or individuals within the community, nothing is more rewarding than seeing happy customers. That’s my drive, to be the best and get the results; the bottom-line is the experience and service they receive!”

“This sings through my prominent and engaging advertising. Born into a generation of Social Media, capitalizing on it has been a priority. I enjoy providing my Clients a vast array of well-researched marketing options to meet their needs.”

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