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Victoria Day is the type of person that you look for when you go shopping for a real estate agent, because she will tell you the full story, good news and bad. Simple truth is a real difference maker when direct and useful information is so hard to get.

With a family legacy in outstanding real estate performance, Victoria has both the benefit of generational experience behind her, as well as her own advanced understanding of the myriad elements of the ever-changing housing market.

In her free time Victoria will take her horse out for a ride through the Waiuku forest, or spend some time out on the netball court to help the team to their next win.

When you decide to work with Victoria you can feel confident that not only have you got an excellent agent on your side, but also a dedicated and genuine team member that will work consistently with you. 

Relax, benefit from Victoria’s knowledge, and know that you’ve made a good choice, with an agent for whom honesty is the only policy.


  • 2023/2024 - Premier Performer
  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
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